David Miner


I am completely pro creativity… buckle-down and push it out creativity.

When working on a production with anyone, I like to keep open conversations. I am very opinionated, but not a “my way or the highway” kind of person. Dialoguing ultimately leads to an outcome everyone is happy with. Bottom line, I will listen to you. 

I play saxophone. I dabble around with other instruments, but cannot claim to have the versatility and dexterity that I do on the devil’s horn. And as a saxophone player and jazz musician, I love rock music. (My band Major Miner: www.majorminerband.com.)

I have extensively studied music composition, both in an academic setting and through my own exploration. I tend to view mixing and composing (I’m a pencil and paper, in the mind, kind of composer) very similarly.

Consider that making any kind of recording (you paying for and performing therein) is ultimately about you. As I stated earlier, I am very opinionated about things, but I will never lose sight of the fact that the recording is about you, not me.


andrew bloom


I breathe music. I love playing it, listening to it, recording it, mixing it and dreaming about it. The world of audio fascinates me. From musical instruments to the culture and community, from the gear and the tools, to sound itself, I love it all. Music has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. And from the moment I picked up an electric guitar as a teenager, I knew it would always be part of my core being. 

My musical education includes both formal training and informal exposure to a diversity of musical styles and forms. I grew up in New Orleans, submersed in the culture of live music, street performances, festivals and jazz. In high school I took guitar and piano lessons and played in several bands. I pursued music in college and I hold a degree in audio engineering. As a result, I am knowledgeable about a wide breadth of subjects from psychoacoustics and digital audio to arrangement and composition. I am currently the singer and primary songwriter for the psychedelic rock group Basement Baby.

As far as my production style goes, I strive to remain faithful to the artist and style, while remaining open to innovation and creativity. I am naturally curious and enjoy exploring the different possibilities in whatever I am working on. I love space and subtlety and the many colors of sound. And contrast. There is unspeakable wonder in the primacy of rhythm that spans across virtually every style of music.

I love the challenge that each new collaborative musical project brings. As an engineer I  will remain faithful to your unique musical vision. My job is to help you expand your musical palette and realize your goals. I want to enable you to create the best music you are capable of creating and to capture that fleeting moment of inspiration. I hope to have the pleasure of working with you and to help channel your musical dreams and aspirations into reality!




I come from a musical family and picked up guitar at 13. In high school I played in my school's jazz program and played in punk bands. My current band Fuzz Mutt (fuzzmutt.bandcamp.com) is based out of Everett and play around the area, even getting the opportunity to open for Meat Puppets and Sir Mix-Alot at Rock the Boat 2016. Married to hardcore punk records of the 80's, I got into engineering and production as a teenager coming from a classic PNW DIY ethic, recording songs and albums in my garage and from there my passion for it grew. For me, making simple and raw records is equally as satisfying making complex, sonically crazy records because I love sound and I love the artistic possibilities of being in the studio. 

Every musician has a clear idea of how they want their song or record to sound and it's my goal in the studio to help you get there while creating something everyone involved can be proud of. I love being in the studio and getting to work with new artists. For me it's all about "the song". I love and listen to all types of music from classical and jazz to heavy fuzz rock. When we work together we'll work hard to make your songs shine and make them hit the listeners ear exactly how they were written to. The world is filled with endless sonic possibities, so let's put those to use and make something amazing.


Alex taschereau


Creative collaboration is what I'm all about. I love working together with different people to see what our ideas can become together. I'm very inspired by all kinds of music, from  dissonant noise, to the simplest pop music. I love the way it hits my brain. This studio is designed to tear down all the technical roadblocks that stand between an artist and their creation. I make a point to do the same. I like sessions that move quickly, and am always excited to work with new collaborators. 


Let's work together to make something new! 


Friends of the studio


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Chris Mahlstedt - Drums - http://noladrums.wix.com/chrismahlstedt

Scott Johnson - Guitar